Range Rules:

1. All guns must be considered loaded at all times.

2. Chamber ammo only at the firing line.

3. Always wear eye & ear protection.

4. Keep finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire.

5. Keep your muzzle below the horizon & pointed down range. When taking a firearm to or from the firing line. When cleaning your gun keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

6. Absolutely no handling of firearms when shooters are down range.

7. Never point a gun at anything you do not want to destroy.

8. Keep actions open, when guns are out of your vehicle or out of their case.

9. During cease-fire – when the firing line is closed – guns must be unloaded, actions must be locked or blocked, bolts open or out.

10. Shoot only paper targets, steel silhouettes, or clay birds – No breakables (hard plastic, glass, etc.) Do not shoot targets that explode, unless approved by the club.

11. Be sure of your target & what is beyond.

12. No center fire rifles on the pistol or shotgun ranges.

13. Ask permission of any firearm owner before you touch or handle a member’s firearm.

14. The first person at the shooting benches is the Range Master, if he leaves the next person that arrived is the Range Master etc.

15. We will be installing a range-control flag at the front of the firing line at the rifle/pistol/muzzleloaders & shotgun ranges– all shooters must obey this control signal – flag down, range is open or hot – flag up, range is closed.

16. The Range Master is in charge of opening & closing the firing line and range safety.

17. Make safety a habit!!! Protect yourself, your fellow shooter, family & guests from accidents.

18. When shooters are downrange on target changes or under closed conditions, no firearm at any firing point is to be touched or handled. This also means do not make any scope adjustments until all parties are behind the firing line.

19. You may shoot biodegradable clay targets with rifles & pistols on each respective range.(do not shoot clay targets in the air with rifle bullets) do not shoot rifles at the clay target range. The pistol range is for pistols and rimfire rifles only.

20. The club discourages driving vehicles down range. If necessary, you may drive to the 200 yard backstop and beyond, please stay on the established trail. Do not drive to the targets during wet conditions or when there is a possibility to damage the trail. All persons are expected to walk to the 100-yard ranges.

21. Clean, clean, clean all trash you produce. Pick up your brass/ trash when finished using the range. Good housekeeping should be followed. Besides, someone else owns the range.

22. Do not place loaded rounds in the trashcans (we burn trash).

23. Do not use the gun club trashcans for personal trash.

24. It takes a lot of work to replace the rifle range backstops – don’t place targets on the wood posts or steel cross bars– only on the rubber belt part of the backstops.

25. Clean all paper targets from backstops when finished.

26. The range is bordered by active cattle range – farm animals have the right of way.

27. No hunting wildlife on the property.

28. No dogs allowed at the range.

29. Club membership cards are to be either worn at the range, or presented if asked by another club member.

30. Do not give the gate combination number to nonmembers.

31. When the club holds organized shoots the public is welcome. Otherwise, non-members are allowed only as a Member’s guest.

32. Members immediate family are welcome but limit other guests to two per visit.

33. Members are responsible for their guests following the club’s rules & regulations.

34. Range opens 1/2 hour before sunrise and closes 1/2 hour after unset.

35. No alcohol is to be consumed by a shooter while shooting on the range. After properly storing your firearms, after the event, and when the party starts, firewater may be consumed moderately if at all. Remember – who is driving home? Drinking alcohol while shooting is strictly prohibited.

36. Please close & lock the gate when entering & leaving the range.

37. Observe posted signs or directives.

38. If you see members abusing the range rule is or acting unsafely speak to them in a courteous manner. Hopefully, they will respond in a like manner.

39. If you encounter non-members using the range, ask them to leave. Do not put yourself in harm’s way - write down a description of their vehicle and a license plate number. Turn them in to a club officer.

40. Yellow PVC on steel fence posts marks the range boundaries. Do not trespass on neighbor’s property.