About Blue Valley Sportsman Club:

The Blue Valley Sportsman Club was incorporated in 1955, after several years of less formal organization. We currently have 1 charter member still active in the club and around 160 members.

Our range is located at Mile Post 128.1 on Colorado Hwy 9 (27 miles north of Silverthorne / 11 miles south of Kremling). We meet the first Wed. of each month at the range at 7 pm.

Our rifle range consists of 3 benches and back stops at 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards. We also have several steel silhouettes at various ranges. There are 3 trap ranges, two of which are overlaid with skeet and one overlaid with a 5 stand. Due to the layout of the new trap and skeet ranges there are times that the longer rifle ranges will be closed while the trap and skeet ranges are in use. The 200 yard back stop is scheduled to be relocated further South so it can remain open when the trap and skeet ranges are in use.

The range is not open to the public, except for our 3 scheduled shoots. Members are welcome to bring up to 2 guests as long as they accompany them. The only membership requirement is to agree to the range rules and to keep dues current. Dues are $50 per calendar year and are due in January each year. There may be short periods of time when we have to close the range when work is being done on the ranch.

The three shoots each year consist of 100 & 200 yd. rifle events. They consist of 1 shot closest to center from the bench. There are usually 10 to 15 shooters at each range, shooting 10 rounds at each distance. We have not had to limit the type of rifles and equipment used so far and there are a variety of rifles used (usually varmint and target rifles). The silhouette shoot is a mix of shooting positions with varmint or hunting rifles at varmint type targets as far out as 325 yards. Various shot gun events are held during the shoots and a kids .22 event is also available. Rifles and .22 ammunition are provided.

A trap league is held each Summer and consists of 28 to 30 teams. Each team shoots once a week either on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings. The league lasts from 8 to 10 weeks. A skeet league may be in the future now that we have a skeet range.

The money raised at the shoots is used to support different youth activities such as 4-H and other community events. We also support organizations such as CSSA, NRA, RMEF, and Trappers Assoc.